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We are husband & wife and best friends. We met at the youth group we both attended as high school students and our friendship grew as we led worship together in the praise band. We began dating the following year, fell in love quickly, and were married five years later. We have one son, Judah, who is amazing and two pit-mix puppies, Winston & Leia. We love music and have been known to drive way too far to see our favorite bands play. We are avid Detroit Lions fans and we love traveling, checking out local restaurants and coffee shops, wrangling people to play Settlers of Catan with us, reading, writing, deep conversations, and finding things to laugh at on the daily.

We are currently based in Mid-Michigan where Anthony is the Director of Youth and Young Adult ministries at our church and Kimmi has a full-time job as an Office Assistant but her passion is being a mom and her ministries you will find on this site. We've consistently served as volunteer leadership or staff at all of the churches we have attended throughout our relationship. From leading worship to leading youth & young adult groups to the beginning phases of starting a new church, we have learned a lot over the years about ministry, culture, church, one another and, most importantly, God.

At times the journey has been fruitful, rewarding, and so much fun. At other times (maybe even most of the time) it has been difficult, exhausting, and a lot of hard work. But through it all, the mission and the calling has always been the same - to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world around us and bring glory to His name while striving to be better examples of what it means to follow and be in relationship with Him.

This site is where we share what the Lord is teaching us throughout this journey along with
some adventures from our personal lives and probably some other random stuff.

We hope to be of some encouragement to you throughout your journey and bring some
Jesus to a lost and hurting world.

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by our site. Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

I have the hottest wife, the coolest son, and two awesome dogs. I have three younger siblings and I've lived all over the United States (including Hawaii) following my dad's career in the Navy. I love music and playing guitar in my band, Earth & Sea, I love playing football and watching the Detroit Lions, I like playing video games but rarely have time anymore, I'm very interested in science, particularly physics, and I enjoy reading, writing, thinking critically, and conversations that provoke deep thought and analysis.

I'm a pretty skeptical person by nature and, because of my love of science and reasoning, I appreciate things like proof, facts and logic, which has made my Christian walk rather interesting. My mom always made sure to take me to church in every state we lived, but it wasn't until we moved back to Michigan where my dad retired and I was able to settle in and dig some roots with friendships that I really was able to process this area of my life a bit better. I made a friend at school who invited me to his youth group. He was a drummer who played bass in the youth group band and they needed a guitar player. I wasn't super interested in the church part for awhile, but it was a place for me to practice my instrument, skateboard in the parking lot, and see cute girls (*ahem* kimmi). After months of attending youth group, playing at youth camps and, eventually, regularly attending Sunday morning church my heart was softened and my curiosity peeked. I knew I had to give Christianity some serious thought and make a decision - am I in or out?

Our youth group regularly attended Acquire the Fire and, one year, two friends from church paid my way. Thankfully, it was the year Lee Strobel spoke (Author of The Case for Christ) and he laid out many interesting facts about Jesus in a very logical way. The way he approached his faith really resonated with me and the case he made for the authenticity of Jesus as the Son of God deeply impacted me. I knew I was in - I was a Christian and I wasn't turning back.

I hope that my story and my approach to Christianity is able to encourage many of you out there who may feel the same way I did and still do from time to time.



A few quick things about me before I jump into the nitty-gritty...

I am wildly in love with my husband, we have one son and we are completely taken by how much we love him, and we have the cutest puppies ever! I'm a born & raised West-Michigander and I am convinced you will never find better beaches than the ones Lake Michigan has to offer. I love animals, singing, creating, reading, writing, cleaning, teaching myself new things, working-out (sometimes), coffee, chocolate, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, and I wear a lot of black. I am usually talking way too much and putting my foot in my mouth or I'm being so quiet that people are asking if I'm okay. I think and feel deeply and spend most of my life in a haze of deep thought or a daydream.

Now, let me get to the heart of who I really am...

I have never known a day where I didn’t feel God. That is the honest truth. From my very first memories to this moment right now, I have never experienced a life apart from Him and I have known since I’ve been a very young girl that I have a call on my life. I knew it when I shared the gospel on the playground in elementary and my teacher told my mom. I knew it when I wrote a long letter to one of my best friends in middle school about God’s love for him. I knew it when I led a friend to salvation in Jesus Christ on a bench by the football weight-room in high school. I knew it in college the first time I stepped out in faith while leading worship. Simply put, I have always known that my purpose is to share Jesus with the world. 

I never fully understood what it was supposed to look like, however, and I have stumbled my way through trying to steward that calling as an adult, but it has been there from the start and I could feel it and was aware of it in the same way I can feel and am aware of my hands or my feet.

This is where I share that calling. From the victories and struggles of my every day life to spiritual revelations and challenges in faith, this is where I release what's in my heart. God is everywhere and He is always speaking. I am simply trying to find Him and discern what it is He is saying to me so I can share it with the world. I certainly lack many Christ-like qualities, but I'm trying my best every day to seek and serve Him so that, through me (the good, the bad, and the ugly), He is glorified. 

I hope that you are encouraged, challenged, and strengthened in your faith. And, if you don't already know Him, my prayer is that you find Jesus and accept Him as your personal Savior and very best friend.

He is too good not to share!



We got married on May 9th of 2009, so you'll have to do the math.

We started dating in the Spring of 2004, though we're not sure of the exact date, so we say May 1st. Anthony was a Freshman in college and Kimmi was a Senior in high school. We met about a year or so before that. Time flies when you're having fun!

We met at church! Anthony played guitar in the youth group praise team band and, shortly after Kimmi started attending that church regularly (she grew up in a different church), she joined the team as a singer. The friendship began and just kept growing and growing. Church really is a great place to meet someone!

We currently have just one kid, a son, Judah Lionheart. He is PERFECT. But our two dogs, Winston & Leia, are basically our honorary kids.

The whole Bible is great! But, if we had to pick, our current faves are...

KIMMI: I once heard Francis Chan say that his favorite scripture was James 5:17"Elijah was a man, just like us" and that really hit home for me so I kind of adopted it as one of my favorites, as well (though, I have many). I just love how it is a reminder that it's not who or what you are that matters to God for Him to use you, it's whose you are and if you're willing to give Him your "yes".

ANTHONY: I also have several favorites, but if forced to pick (which I was), I would say Romans 12:2"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." I like it because it acknowledges our responsibility as humans, God's role in our actions, and the obstacles involved in both. These things obviously need to be viewed in the context of the Gospel, but it provides both a great starting point for a new Christian and a great reminder for existing Christians.